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circleSnap is a mobile app and the best way to save your images/videos privately or publicly based around the people,places and things you love.

We make it easy for families, friends, businesses and organizations to save experiences through collaboration.


Saving moments will never be the same again

Because everyone, at every angle, is capturing the excitement and placing it all into one circle for you to watch again and again. How will you snapit? See some examples below:

Are you a Life Coordinator?
Do you wish there was an easier way to save and organize your family’s photos from everyone’s devices? We make it simple to store your favorite memories, and allow other’s to add to your albums, too.

Are you an Explorer?
geo-locate-cs-appLooking for the best things to see, do, and eat on your next trip? Use the geo-location feature to find images and videos of what’s happening all around you.

Do you like to compete?
Want a fun way to join local contests by snapping photos of you and your friends? Enter a themed photo challenge and vote yourself or others to the top!

Are you social?
Looking for an awesome way to create fun photo albums with the people around you? It’s easy — just start a circle, invite your friends or allow anyone to join, and begin adding photos and videos to build your most original yearbook yet.

Do you run a company?
Seeking a new way to gather user-generated content from your biggest fans? Launch a geo-based photo challenge featuring your product, event or logo.

The bride to be.
Want to make sure you can enjoy photos from all your guests’ devices? Create an album, invite your guests to join, and gather all the best photos from every angle.









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