Terms and Conditions

last updated 4-11-16

When you download and install the circleSnap application you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

What circleSnap is for and what we hope you do:
circleSnap is for people who want to upload videos and images through our app and on to the Internet.

We want you to:
Upload decent videos and images that can be enjoyed by the community, family and friends.

What we don’t want you to do:
We don’t want you to upload inappropriate videos/images or use your videos in a bad way. It’s pretty obvious what an inappropriate video is. Here are some things (it’s not an exhaustive list) we don’t like:

Videos/images that infringe other people’s copyright.
Videos/images that could be considered tasteless, offensive or obscene. (No porn, no hate stuff and no abuse).
Videos/images that invade someone else’s privacy.
If you do upload a video/image that is unsuitable we reserve the right to remove that video and suspend your account. In extreme cases or, for persistent infringing behavior we WILL call law enforcement.

Fair use:
Our service will have some limits. We reserve the right to limit users who are exceeding their account bandwidth limits.

Users opening multiple accounts in order to circumnavigate these allowances will also be deemed in breach of policy and suspended from the site.

We shall treat your personal details with respect. We won’t sell or rent them to anyone. You can review our Privacy Policy HERE.

How we’ll communicate with you:
We have requested your email address so that, if we need to, we can get in touch with you regarding your account. By signing up you are giving us permission to email you updates on the circleSnap service and to contact you individually should the need arise.

Paid Packages:
You can find full and up-to-date details of circleSnap’s paid packages HERE. We reserve the right to change and update what they include and when we do we’ll let existing subscribers know at least 30 days in advance.

You are free to cancel or downgrade your paid package at any time. This can be done by contacting us. We will not refund subscriptions that have already been paid, unless we feel there has been an error.

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