What is circleSnap?

mobile-splash2circleSnap is a mobile app that allows you to collaborate, save and share your images and videos. Join circles with friends, family, fans, clients, coworkers, or those attending the same event you are.

Images and videos are saved in either private or public circles, and can be geo-location-based (so you can find people using circleSnap near you).

Are my images and videos saved forever?

Yes, if you want them to be. Not only do we make is easy to save, organize, and share your images and videos for life, they are safely secure on Amazon servers.

What are some of the fun features on circleSnap?

There are lots! You can create collaborative competitions that encourage everyone in the circle to vote their favorites to the top. You can also find new circles as you move around with the geo-location feature. Feel happy, proud, or amazed by a photo? Share a feeling to let others know how their image made an impact.


How much does circleSnap cost?

circleSnap is forever free. We’ll be adding some extras down the road for those who want enhanced circle features. Users need a Google account, but that’s free too.

How do I download the circleSnap app?

circleSnap is in beta testing right now for Android, and will be live in August 2016. iPhone beta testing should begin in December and be live by early next year. Contact us if you want to help with beta testing circleSnap!

What makes circleSnap different from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram?
  • With Facebook, you have to be friends with everyone at an event to see collective photos or videos. You can create a group on Facebook, but if someone leaves that group, their videos and images leave too. Plus, have you ever tried to find something specific on Facebook? It’s painful.
  • While YouTube is great for videos, it doesn’t help with storing and sharing images. Also, even though YouTube does a great job at organizing channels, circleSnap is more about life events.
  • Instagram is great, but users can only post a 15 second video. Also, tagging your personal event can get invaded by others using the same tag for a different occasion. Think #smithwedding…
What about Facebook moments, isn’t that like your private circles?

Kind of, but not really.

– Facebook moments allows you to create a moment and invite friends to the moment based around image, but circleSnap is a lot more fun because:

– Not only do you get to add images, but videos (near future).
– You can also geo-locate your “moments” which we call circles.
– You can moderate circles
– You can up-vote images/videos to create friendly competitions
– You can add awesome filters to images
– You don’t have to worry about circleSnap identifying the image and use it against you by sending marketing information to businesses. For example, if you have a lot of images of you swimming, you won’t get an ad trying to sell you swimwear.

Can I make my circles private?

Absolutely and then you can invite others to join it.

What are some examples of open and private circles?

Sure! A private circle is just for you and those you choose to join. For example, your kiddos are going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for the week and they create a circle with close family members to commemorate all the good times. You can take this same concept and add it to a thousand different events in your life, like weddings, vacations, reunions, retreats, golden retriever dog groups, etc.

An open circle can be joined by anyone who is interested in a topic or location. For example, a park ranger at Yellowstone National Park can create an open circle that is geo-location-based for visitors in the park. Users can see the best pictures and videos in the park posted by other visitors and park staff. And all open circles don’t have to be geo-location based, either. You can start a circle around something you find interesting, like “Yankee Stadium 2017,” and others with similar interests can join.

If I make an open circle on circleSnap, can I moderate the images and videos before they are seen by others?

For sure! You can moderate who joins the open circle too.

Can I report inappropriate videos or images posted to my circle?

Yes, and we make it easy. Those users who are flagged for posting images or videos that go against our terms and services will be banned from circleSnap, and all of their content deleted.

Do I need an internet or data connection to create a circle?

Yes for now, but we’ll be adding a feature in the future that allows you to create a circle, add content, and post your updates as soon as you have an internet or data connection again.

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